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Zoosk Review February 2021

ABOUT US: We’re an online social network built for dating. Since 2008, we’ve connected over 25 million singles worldwide. With tools like our free match– making app, we’re the most downloaded app in the relationship category in both the US and the UK. Although dating online has never been easier, Zoosk takes things to new levels of efficiency. Each member has a profile allowing site visitors to browse through potential new matches and check out their photos. Additionally, members are able to post photos of themselves and see those of others. There are nearly 30 million people on Zoosk at any given time. That’s the largest community of single people on the internet. Zoosk reviews consistently rate the social network as one of the best to flirt, chat, and meet your future significant other.

New members at Zoosk in February 2021 in comparison

The most important thing working for us now is how we are thinking about the nature of our work. It is essential for us to focus on how we can differentiate ourselves. For that, we have to find opportunities for the option that we offer to be different than what is currently available. That means, new applications and every new update must bring something that has never been on the market before. This is what will make us competitive in the future, and we must do everything possible to make sure that we don’t miss these opportunities.

Member activity at Zoosk in February 2021 in comparison

Zoosk is a popular free dating app that was founded in 2006 and has over 25 million users that use the app every month.

Paid membership is available to new users that provide personalized results on their dating profile. Membership includes the ability to message unlimited members, view members profiles, and increase your chances of finding potential partners.

Zoosk claims all members outside of their paid plan receive access to the same content and functionality. This is not true as they privately selective which members are given access to what features.

Zoosk claims that the most desirable feature of its paid plan is “match-making.” Exclusive match-making has not been proven to be successful by any independent study.

All users can send unlimited messages and view members profiles. Paid members get the option to send a custom message to the profile that they choose.

Your activity with other members counts towards percentage match calculation. So talking to other members can help you find matches for which you aren’t interested.

Membership gives you the option to update your profile, but this information is not validated when you are the same age. It simply shows your age and other infrequents.

Browsing profiles will also count towards percentage match if you wish to contact other members.

Zoosk Member Structure

If you are serious about improving your dating life, this app is a must have.

Some features include the “Likes and More Like You” function that helps you see how well you match with potential dates based on what they say about themselves, the “Leads You to New Places” function lets you learn the locations of nearby good dates, and the “Matching Based on Personality” feature lets you learn about people based on how you feel about them.

For a completely free experience, choose the free version of Zoosk. You will still get many of the benefits of the service, and it is also an excellent tool for meeting new people and eventually finding love.


Our final tip is to find a niche to start working in.

Many people believe that it is only when they are successful in what they are doing that they can then start working to improve other areas of their life.

If you understand what you love to do and you can be successful at that, then you can use that as your platform to start to improve yourself and your life.

Age Distribution

The Zoosk members are primarily 25-44 year old single men and women.

Most members are aged 25-34, 47% of members are 35-44, overlapping with the 25-34 year old group, and males are majority in their 20s.

The company seems to be catering to a broad range of ages in the 25-44 year old group. This group has a high percentage of single users, which may be helpful to prospective members looking for a dating site.

Signing Up at Zoosk

Go to the homepage of Zoosk and choose your plan and location. Select from the boxes to add a photo, or select “I want to meet someone single”. Zoosk will find you men within your area, as well as men close to your zip code.

If you wish to send a message, you can use the chat feature, or you can send an instant message via your mobile device using the Zoosk app. You can also view your matches and see who has viewed your profile.

Don’t see anyone good? Try setting a location-specific filter.

Zoosk will do the rest. You don’t even need to sign up with an email address or any other information.

To sign in, look for the options for “I have a Zoosk account” and click on Sign in. A short video tutorial will show you how to use Zoosk.

If you’ve never used the app before, Zoosk can give you up to two minutes to sign up.

Making Contact on Zoosk

Zoosk’s main focus is to help new people make first contact with their perfect match.

Zoosk is a helpful site for singles. From street dates in nearby cities and in-depth profiles, Zoosk has got you covered. Once people register on Zoosk, they can create a profile and get to know one another.

Zoosk is a website where people can make lasting relationships, and it’s easy to try.

People can search for mutual friends before jumping in for a Try-Match. Match-Match people can chat and exchange pictures with potential people.

The site is a great online dating site that helps people with the process of meeting new people.

Zoosk Profile Quality

Numbers don’t lie, at least true date relation, but people – so much better to talk, get a good sense of the person behind the face.

If you meet someone, for example, for a year, or ten years, or even twenty-eight years, you pick out certain things that you both like and that are going to be important.

You both might like deep conversations, you might both like hiking, you might both like movies, dogs, food, etc.

When you like each other, and you find that you have things in common, you feel attracted.

When you’re on a dating site, into the profile.

All I want from profile is write a good profile and attract people to the site. What I want on the profile is interesting, well-written, descriptive, because I am one of those people who believes that you will attract the kind of person that you are. I don’t believe that you can attract the kind of person that you want. I still prefer to be attracted.

Safety and Privacy


Zoosk is a dating and matchmaking site for members of all sexual orientations. Members can search for potential friends, dates, and mates in any part of the world. They can record their activities through the application, give potential dates their own camera and social profiles, and upload pictures. Personal profile information is strictly confidential, and can only be shared with trusted people who can be verified with an official login.

All photos, activities, and profile information are deleted from the app everyday after they are reviewed by the site admins. They use complex smart algorithms to filter out and block any content that has malicious intent. To ensure that all members have a safe and enjoyable time with the app, they will perform internal tests during the beta stage which will be finished before the official release.

As a dating app for all sexual orientations, the app has to address the needs of members of all sexual orientations. To allow members to easily select who they feel the most comfortable talking to, the dating site uses the smart algorithm to connect potential dates who have similar interests. You can also use the search feature to find prospective matches throughout the entire world. For security purposes, the app uses only the best secure encryption known in the industry.

While the front end is easy to navigate, members can use the full site to get a complete view of the content and features of the app. Users of the app can also set-up a safety plan through the app.

Zoosk App

Zoosk is an online dating app that connects singles worldwide to meet match other individuals. Zoosk has over 45 million singles in 191 countries and all 50 U.S. states. Zoosk is available in 75+ languages.

It’s a great way to meet people from all around the country. It has an app that’s so easy to use. Almost anyone can sign up even if you don’t speak the language of the country. It’s very easy to do.

What is Zoosk?

It’s an online dating site focused around giving you a chance to meet people. The website is free to use. You go through a series of questions with a psychologist.

You have to answer a series of questions with your mental well-being. You will have to answer things from your dreams, past relationships, beliefs, drug and alcohol use, to sex and more.

The psychologist will determine your picture personality and you will have matches of people all across the world. They have 45 million people using the site and they are expanding to meet more people in a growing community.

Some of the things that work well for the site are the following:

  • Great interface
  • Very easy to use
  • You can exchange messages in different ways
  • You can message people based on the location you’re in

Zoosk Real Life Review

Design and Usability

Ever since the birth of Zoosk, they’ve been improving their website and apps to make things even easier for their users.

The design of their website is a good example of how much they focus on the user. The layout makes the pages easy to navigate and you can tell that they put in their effort to make it easier for newbies to catch on.

The homepage of the website displays a nice collection of their latest features and has everything nicely categorized to help you find what you’re looking for pretty quickly.

Another great feature of their website is the video tutorials on the homepage. These tutorials are easy to follow and cover all the basics of the app, which is great for people who aren’t as comfortable with the chat feature.

The app for Zoosk is totally free and works pretty well. The design and functionality is great, with the nice layout and user friendly interface indicating their focus on the ease of use part of the app.

The interesting thing is that the app has really evolved over the years making Zoosk quite a fancy app for a far more mature audience than you would usually expect.

Their most recent app update gives us a sneak peek of things to come in the near future.

{1}. Support for vertical layouts
{2}. Support for third party websites

Zoosk Costs and Prices

Is Zoosk expensive or cheap?

Zoosk is a dating app that pays. They have a cash back program that pays a percentage of your sign-up bonus back to you in your paypal account. So, if you pay for the Gold subscription, you will get 20% back, and if you pay monthly, you will get 5% back. It’s a little more expensive than the other dating apps mentioned since most of them are free, but that would really be throwing away your money if you were to use any other dating app.

This extra cash is intended to level the playing field, and make sure you are having the best chance of getting a date out of each one that makes an account.

If you sign up for a Zoosk Smartphone app, you can use their data to update your profile, which saves you time and you get paid for it also.

Some other dating sites offer a cash back program too, but Zoosk is the only one that doubles down to pay you both for joining their dating platform AND keeping your account updated with new and improved photos, and keeping your account safe using a passcode.

(Get the smartphone app here)

Kevin hops on the phone to talk about the pros and cons of Zoosk.

Special Features

This dating site is rather fun and exciting as it goes along with the times. You can be social on Zoosk by being connected to a Facebook or simply fooling around with friends and colleagues.

The site is slated as one of the ecumenical dating sites with users joining from any background.

When it comes to special dating features, they have added more special features to the site. Additional features include chat, unlimited messages, instant messenger, profile search, and the core features.

Date classified profiles of men or women and you are bound to find someone you like.

The core features include a search system, weather, information and other websites to find out more.

Like all online dating services, this particular one is rather secure and offers a guest password to meet new people.

If you are serious about finding a lasting relationship, then Zoosk will keep you going for quite some time.


Carousel Ads: Carousel ads are pop-ups that cycle across the screen. They lend themselves especially well to consumer goods so you’ll see more of them targeted to the fashion, beauty, and electronics industries.

Carousel products are huge right now because they can help drive sales. Carousel ads have a lot of chances to get the sale because you show a product several times before the customer clicks away.

SmartPick™ Introductions via Behavior Matchmaking™

In this chapter, we will introduce you to Zoosk™™s timeline of innovative and influential™™developments, beginning with the introduction of what Zoosk™™s founders believe is the most revolutionary™™development in the online dating industry to date™™SmartPick™™.

SmartPick™™ dates back to as far as 1998, when Professor Paul Ekman™™s pioneering book, Emotions Revealed™™, inspired Dr. Linda Leahey and Dr. Michael Berryman to expand on his idea of the “Universal Mirror,” a concept first introduced in his ground breaking book.

This idea is based on the idea that emotions are a key, universal language we all share but are not conscious of™™.

Research has shown that an average of 90% of facial expressions are universally recognized, although we may not be aware of them.

Dating Insights

Flirting seemed to have developed as a form of mimicry. People have the innate ability to appear charming and charming people are the most attractive.

If flirting is mimicry, then it makes a lot of sense to conform to what the attractive people do. When individuals conform to the actions of an attractive partner, it could increase the likelihood that they will become the partner’s friend or lover, which is known as the “woo effect.”

So, what does conformity have to do with romance?

The answer lies in the results of many studies showing that people respond positively to romantic partners who conform to the behaviors observed among attractive mates.

Simply put, when you make an effort to be more similar to attractive people, attractive people may be more receptive to how you are behaving.

Another study found that people who conform to a socially attractive partner’s postures, movements, and facial expressions in photographs are more likely to rate their partner as physically attractive and likable.

While these studies demonstrate that we can influence how attractive others perceive us, one final study might lend some credence to the idea that attractive people may influence our behaviors in return.

Perhaps we are able to perceive more attractive individuals as more likely to donate to a charity.


Not all dating sites are created equal. I’ve used a lot over the years, and on some, I quickly received hundreds of messages. And while that’s a great testament to how popular they are, none of them were any good.

For example, while you get a lot of traffic, you have to sift through a ton of crap just to find a woman. On other sites, you don’t get much traffic, and even more importantly, you don’t get a lot of responses.

Before we go further, I want to congratulate you for taking this action. You’re about to dive into a powerful, high-quality dating service that everyone should be using these days.

Zoosk is one of the largest online dating sites with over 400,000,000 visitors a month – they’re also one of the best. Thanks to their unique matching process, you’ve got a better chance of succeeding with more women than any other dating site.

Just check out the “Best Match Percentage”, which their stats report is 93.5% – that’s well over twice the success rate of other dating sites!

Not only that, you will also get a fair share of responses. The “Average Age of Responders” is 25.7, which is spectacular for such a large dating service.

Super Send


Zoosk is a popular dating app you can use to find singles in your area. It could expand your dating niche to some of the most exciting locations like you have ever experienced and get you connected with tons of top notch singles.

Many people have found the profile details provided by Zoosk to be valuable and helpful. With the option of providing your interests, Zoosk can help you relate to people of similar interests and share the same experiences.

The desktop app that syncs up with the mobile app is a really nice addition because you can access your profile any time. If you have to make changes to your profile, it is as easy as changing them on your computer.

The app is also easy to use and navigate. By using the suggested keywords in your profile, Zoosk will narrow down your search to people with similar interests as you, so don’t worry about embarrassing yourself among people who have nothing in common with you.

Editors Conclusion

Zoosk FAQ

Q1. When can customers use Zoosk?

A1. Zoosk is a desktop computer dating software used by people who are looking for a partner on their computer in real time. It was launched in July 2008.

Q2. How does Zoosk work?

A2. Zoosk uses GPS to track and match users based on where they are looking, and matches users looking for a relationship.

Q3. How is Match made?

A3. Match is made automatically based on where a person is on the search results.

Q4. Is Zoosk a dating site?

A4. The answer to this question is Yes. The purpose of this site is in real life dating.

Q5. How does Zoosk help me find a date?

A5. In real life, you aren’t able to start a conversation with a stranger. Zoosk allows you to meet people, which speeds up the process.

Q6. Is Zoosk a dating site?

A6. We strongly believe it is.

What do you think of this post?


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Zoos showcase more than 20,000 species to the public.

Zoos around the world are major provider of animal populations that are being threatened in the wild.

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Zoos employ hundreds of full-time personnel in all areas of the facility, from the front gate and interpretive staff to the keepers and curators.

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The expansion of zoos and aquariums has occurred especially in the 20th century.

Zoos or aquariums that don’t produce specimens no longer have the funding, will, or the space to actually house and care for an animal.

Who owns Zoosk?

Zoosk is owned and operated by Match Group which is a company that owns a number of dating websites.

When was Zoosk founded?

Zoosk was founded in July 2009 by Rand Livingston, a co-founder of Match.

He started the Match dating website, which he had pitched to PayPal co-founder Max Levchin.

Levchin found the idea of dating through a quiz to be naive and not scalable.

He encouraged Livingston to market his idea as a full-fledged dating site.

The name of the site was originally "svisible" was changed to "i mean." Zoosk, which is not to be confused with the offline dating agency Zoo, was the winning choice in aName generator.


The most important thing to look for when finding dates on Zoosk is the quality of the matches. The number of profile pictures and the quality of information in them is important.

The layout of the profile and photos has a huge effect on how many people will notice your profile. If your photos have lots of details, you will have more matches will be able to see your photos effectively.

Who can join Zoosk?

This dating app works on an easy to use interface. It is simple, fast, and effective. You can find a bevy of fish in only a couple of minutes.

Use Zoosk FREE and get into the dating game with a given subscription.

Consists of both Android and Apple attractors.

There are also some paid plans for more control over your account. These are of heavy benefit to those with a larger audience.

It’s easy to find that one special someone with users from over 350 countries.

Adding videos, sending photos, and communicating with others is all free.

Get to know members better by sending and receiving messages. Use the chat to strike up a conversation and see if you match on common interests.

Joining Zoosk is very quick and easy. Just choose the basic subscription or continue on the paid subscriptions.

You can create your profile to your heart’s content, allowing access on your IOS or Android. If you have a Facebook account, adding it will give you a huge boost with your online presence.

ZooSks is an extremely easy tool to use for finding love. There are plenty of fish in the system, so all that’s left is to swim a little.

How do I join Zoosk?

Join Zoosk for free.

Clicking Here for Your Mobile App on Google Play

Last updated: 5/14/2019

Zoosk is a popular online dating service. Signing up for Zoosk will give you the chance to chat and meet new people who share your interests online.

It’s really easy to get started.

You’ll start with a special invitation. Sign up for your account, create your profile, and browse the Zoosk catalogue for people based on pictures and profiles submitted by users.

Does Zoosk offer premium membership?

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

There is no time to cancel. I ended up joining a month later, and even then my first month didn… misinterpret –free trial period” as a free second month.

Zoosk is a scam company. They do not deserve to be called dating simply because I never saw a single person in my first month and saw five total people in my second month on my screen.

One of them was already in a relationship… and yet still met and had things to talk about with someone else. That's not really your be attractive.

Zoosk Is Filled with Fraud and They Know It Too…

I'm sure they're smiling right now while you think they have the desire to meet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, they know their true purpose is to sign you up for their free trial as soon as you can, leaving you few of options:

  • Sell your data to make money or
  • Keep paying for their service, compromising your private information

It's an awful company, just horrible. Be better than Zoosk.

Fare to awesome.

What the Jaska!!

Does Zoosk give out refunds for unused time?

In certain situations, they will. For example, when a user is about to switch over to a new subscription, they might be given a refund for the remainder of their membership time. The user must be notified of this as well.

If you have previously been nudged for premium service, and agree to it, then when you cancel your account, you will continue to have premium service. But the URL and email address will be deactivated.

A user can also be given a refund if they do not like the communication from Zoosk. This could be perceived as harassment or strange communications from the website.

In either case, the user must be aware of what time it is being given a refund, when it is the day to exit the website, and when it will begin to expire.

Do I need to verify my account?

Vetting is a required step when you first sign up for a new account. You will need to verify your phone number via email. Zoosk will send you a text confirmation.

If you don’t reply to that text, it means you didn’t create a voice mailbox, and you can’t join.

Verifying your account also helps everyone else in the world. It prevents spam and scam accounts from being made.

When you type your name in the search bar, Zoosk will match that with a list of other Zoosk users in your area.

If your name doesn’t show up as any of the search results, then it means you haven’t verified your account yet.

"Dating" and "Breaking Up"

Are you ready for a possible breakup or an unrequited love? Dating has become an industry with many apps that have been designed to help you choose your potential darling in the nearest future. Besides many users are prone to disappointments.

People are more in love with the idea of dating rather than the reality, and thus they come up with the list of reasons for a break-up.

The intention is to leave your heartbreak behind and move on. But this is not enough as you need to know how to move on.


The Zoosk app has decent functionality overall. It is not quite as easy to use as some of the best dating apps, but it definitely has a decent amount of stuff that you can do on it.

If you’re a user who is interested in having a dating app in the first place, then it should satisfy what you want out of it.


This app has some features that are decent – more or less, than some of the best dating apps – but it also has some things that could use some work. There’s also no guarantee that it’s the best option for you, at least not based on what we’ve seen so far.

The profile details are fine for the most part, but they could use improvements. There are no extra features here that are unique to this site and what you get is not the best that you could get on the site.

One big note here as well – the layout seems to be overly complicated with lots of features packed in where it’s not really required. More to the point, there is an option for connecting your Facebook account that is not pretty clear and a lot of features just don’t seem to work as they should, so this is a definite weakness.

What is Zoosk’s Dating Insights?

Zoosk’s dating insights are online tools that allow you to determine which of your interests your potential dates share.

A series of questions are asked and then analyzed, revealing a list of possible matches. These matches are reverse engineered to reveal the aspects of your profile that attracted the matches and to determine why your matches did not accept your approach. Your matches will also be shown.

This way, you can find which characteristics of your profile appeal to those you are looking to date.

What is Zoosk’s SmartPick Technology?

Ah, there you go….

The SmartPick algorithm speeds up Zoosk’s matching process when you’re both browsing profiles (so, say, you go to Zoosk, then you go to another website and then open Zoosk back up, and you check out new profiles.

The match percentage increases by around 50% when you do that. However, it is best to use Zoosk when you can sit at your computer and browse at your own leisure.

Otherwise, the advanced SmartPick technology really makes a difference.


If you haven’t joined Zoosk yet, that’s another super easy way to meet people, so do that while you’re reading this:

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. I only recommend products and services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. You can learn more about my disclosure policy here.

How do I search for potential matches on Zoosk?

This is where we get right in there to unearth the dirty details… If you’re serious about using the site and looking to make a little money on the side by playing games, that is!

First, you are going to want to click on “Account.” From there, you can go to the “Profile” area, and that’s where you will start messing around with the “Settings” button.

Obviously, this area will be where you will spend the most time. In this section of the site, you can not only adjust your profile, but you can also go to “Search Preferences” to make sure that you are finding the right people to meet, and you can adjust how your search is set up to find the matches that are most relevant to you.

One last way to adjust your Zoosk preferences is to go to Profile and then Settings, but there are also a few buttons in the top right of your profile that you can use to adjust certain preferences. This will take you to the “Search Preferences” area, which is another place where you can get in and play around with your search settings.

How come I cannot message my matches on Zoosk?

How much is match and messages costs?

The answer is simple – Zoosk does not allow you to send unlimited messages to other user on their system. There is a limit set by Zoosk, and it is according to the geographical location of the person you want to communicate with. Here is a small list of countries that Zoosk does not allow you to message unlimited messages.

USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Japan, India, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, for use in a different country. If you try to communicate with a user from these countries, you'll receive the following message.


Zoosk Dating Website is a very popular online dating platform that is one of the leading in the online dating industry. It is perfect for the people who are looking for love in the online world.

It has been servicing millions of singles in a global scale since the year of 2012. The dating site is able to facilitate millions of dates every day. The security of the site is also very important. Therefore, Zoosk Dating Site has made sure that their dating platform ensures its users to have a security like no other.

People who use Zoosk Dating Site are guaranteed to have the best and most secure dating platform online. The company has invested in the most technologically advanced top security system which can protect information from unauthorized access.

The information of its users are very important to the company. They assure that everything is protected. They made sure that their dating platform uses the leading security features for their platform. There is no way that people can get access to the information of its users.

Zoosk Dating Site has always been a leading provider of technology and exclusive dating features and services. It is therefore important that their dating platform has one of the best security features online. There is no other dating site that has the same level of security and range of features like Zoosk Dating Platform.

Is using Zoosk safe?

Zoosk is an online dating network. Zoosk reviews will say that the system is easy to use and will help you get dates, but here are some signs that using the Zoosk online dating site may not be as safe as you might expect.

Tremendous growth in this business has occurred practically overnight. Why? Because the website is very good. It allows you to set up how you like to meet people, the photos you wish to share, what kind of things you’re interested in, and who you would love to meet.

All this is designed to give you the ability to find exactly the people you wish to meet.

However, if you choose to use Zoosk, you can only do this if you are at least 18.

Here’s the problem: there is a statement that has been on their dating website for years, but they won’t remove it. That statement says, “If you meet me I warn you now…”.

That’s it. That’s all.

Zoosk’s privacy and safety are made easier to use by the company’s direct connection. In an effort to ensure that their system is completely safe, they make your personal information completely safe.

How do I report and block an abusive user?

When you block a user on Zoosk’s website, he or she will no longer be able to view your profile. You can only block users that possess your phone number via Zoosk’s mobile app.

If a user sends you an unsolicited message, you have the option to report them to us for harassment. You can also report any user that you believe to be sharing your profile. Please visit our website…

You will be taken to our website where you can complete the online harassment form.

Go directly To

With all of the information in hand and complete the harassment form.

Note that Zoosk takes harassment very seriously. We will process your report promptly. Once you complete our harassment report form, you will receive an email confirming your submission. In the email we will include information to identify the reported user. If the reported user is a Zoosk member you will also receive correspondence requesting the user’s online username and / or address to help expedite the investigation.

If your report is located to be in violation of our policies, we will take appropriate action, including issuing warnings to repeat offenders. Note that as soon as you block a member the member will no longer be able to view your profile.

How do I deactivate my Zoosk account?

You can deactivate your account by following these steps:

{1}. Log into Zoosk.
{2}. Click the People icon above the photo navigation to the right and select Activities.
{3}. Click the Deactivate Account tab at the top of the page.
{4}. Select a reason and click Submit.
{5}. Click on “Continue to the termination center” and give Zoosk 1 to 24 hours to process your request.

The next time you log in to Zoosk, you’ll see an option to disable your account.

You did not find your question? Ask us!

It might be helpful for you to see some actual Zoosk reviews first before you decide whether Zoosk is the right dating site for you.

Check out this interview with a happy Zoosk customer who bought his partner on Zoosk as well.

This customer lives in France:

Why did you agree to buy your partner on Zoosk?

Sylvain: My friend told me about Zoosk and I was curious. I was a bit surprised, since it is a dating site and I didn’t want to appear to be on one in order to meet people. I said to my girl that I would buy her for the weekend.

She agreed and I uploaded a photo and set of my requirements. When the girl with the profile that interested me sent me a message, I was quite excited. We agreed to meet.

My take on it is that in France, they can’t find single men older than me and everyone is on Tinder. Zoosk seemed to be the way to go. So, I decided to go for the most popular paid service to find someone.

It really does work. She turned out to be an amazing person and we met and fall in love. It was hard to be together, since she lives about 2 hours from where I live, but we are still together and couldn’t not be happier.

Share your Zoosk experience

Zoosk is a dating site that accepts just about everyone. Every time I see a Zoosk ad, the Zoosk review or Zoosk review 2019 pops up in my mind.

I’m not really liking it, and I hope the Zoosk review ends. The experience is just not great.

There though I share a single day of my experience with Zoosk, and hopefully, there’s little things that I can do to gain a Zoosk review of maybe improvement.

For one, I don’t really like that you do have to register to use Zoosk. I think there also should be a better matchmaking process. The website’s compatibility test doesn’t really help you find your match. I just chose the one that resembles me a little bit most.

The zoosk review is not great as well. I felt forced to pay for a membership because Zoosk review is too much.

And I can’t decide what I want to do with Zoosk. It seemed like a good idea but I just could not use it because of the price.

The zoosk review is quite good and that’s actually why I stopped using Zoosk.

Zoosk Experiences

Zoosk is a website that was launched in 2005 and is headquartered in Dallas, USA. It is the largest online dating site in the world, with over 60 million users and over 1.5 billion matches. Zoosk is owned by Match Group.

Apart from the online dating arena, Zoosk is also the leading online, mobile app for NSA and dating on the go. They also hold a live streaming sex cam service named Zoosk Live.

The pricing for Zoosk Business is a bit higher and will have a recurring subscription for Zoosk Premium. You can set a 90-day free trial for both Zoosk Premium (individual membership) and Zoosk Business (business member) categories for new users.

Features of Zoosk

For local singles and daters, Zoosk’s dashboard is really easy to use. They have very useful guided tools that will even serve you for the day-to-day use of the app.

For online dating, they have a vast list of members.

Match system also helps find the most compatible matches amongst your matches.

Zoosk offers Twitter and Facebook integration. You can also personalize your Facebook profile in conjunction with your account. You can also select your numbers or preferred choice of first name and last name.

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Personalized Recommendation

Zoosk, a company that helps singles find people with similar interests, is the world’s largest online dating site. They offer a wide selection of singles to meet, such as singles in your area, Jewish singles, professional singles, and even those of different religious beliefs.

Here’s a closer look at Zoosk reviews, from users who have used Zoosk to meet their mate, to find one that meets all of their criteria.

Zoosk is used by singles around the world who want to find someone special to share their lives with.

They have not made it nearly as easy as it should be, and social circles have become more difficult to enter. Also, their “Straight Match” needs a lot of fixing, to make the site more inclusive of people who of any sexual orientation.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and Zoosk doesn’t do a good enough job of helping you weed out bad information. From complaining about Zoosk and how terrible it is, to how users become frustrated with the fact that they never meet anyone, the Zoosk users have a lot to say about what they think went wrong.