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Several studies show that single people tend to start using dating sites because they want a longer term relationship. Single people of all ages who sign up for Zoosk have a different reason for signing up.

In a recent survey of over 1,000 single seniors between the ages of 55 and 70, half of them (51%) reported signing up for dating websites because they wanted fun. Interestingly, 48% of the singles said they signed up because they needed companionship, and slightly more than half, 56%, reported that they really don’t want to be alone.

Seniors crave fun and do not want to be lonely. If it’s true that depressed older adults are much less likely to have a social network, then making the most of the senior population’s robust social orientation and strong desire to enjoy life is going to be a big opportunity.

The data shows that a lot of the singles we have are not in the position to meet someone in the real world, so the online dating industry is expanding to meet this need.

Whether you’re in the market for a serious relationship or just looking for some fun, consider signing up for Zoosk. The sign-up process is easy — you only need to fill in a few basic details about yourself to create a profile and fill out a short bio and you can start meeting other single seniors.

Zoosk Seniors

The Zoosk Seniors is really a dating website with the additional safety provided by a corporate snooping agency that keeps an eye out for weird or inappropriate moves and puts an end to them. These guys are responsible for the banning of some seriously incriminating chat profiles.

The standard hookup is definitely not something the seniors on the site will find themselves doing. It’s basically the same thing that Baby Boomers would do (but because of the Zoosk, seniors have no choice but to do it!), and will make them feel as uncomfortable as they would when confronted by a teenage boy.

All the seniors wanted was to be able to flirt with people the same age as themselves, and now they have to do it in a way that makes it as lighthearted and innocent as possible. This is going to take an enormous amount of effort on the part of them and—most importantly—you.

Here’s a list of five things to keep in mind while you’re doing this important (and time consuming) gig:

Move fast—PrevenSext also sees their dating profiles, and they only let you move from hookup to hookup once a day. However, the seniors on the site have to do it three times with their credit card numbers! You need to accelerate the process.

Simple Registration

In order to sign up for Zoosk, you must first create an account by clicking on the sign up button on the home page. By signing up, you will receive opportunities to interact all of the members who are signed up.

Once you have signed up online, you can upload photos onto the site. This is done through the connect feature on the main page. A photo is a great way to display yourself to other members.

If you would rather receive emails instead of signing up online, you can fill out an email address in a more private way.

Alternatively, use the link for a free online dating site to sign up.

Familiar Functionalities

Zoosk, the dating app, is known for their flirt and search options including age filters.

You can set your age to anywhere between 20 and 90 at Zoosk but ages 50+ are the most popular. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are necessarily looking for a relationship. Zoosk specifically states that they are looking for friendship, dating, and sometimes even more.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this function is by writing well-written messages that introduce yourself in a positive way so that it attracts older users.

You can also try to be more positive about your age by posting pictures on which you look youthful.

There are plenty of studies that can back up the benefits of over 50 dating. 66% of people who are divorced are over the age of 50.

The idea is to create positive inter-actions with users as much as possible. The more active you are, the more likely it is that you will inspire a user to reply. So get active!

Easy-to-use Design

Zoosk is a great dating app that takes the organic and natural feel of Tinder but brings it with the help of artificial intelligence and added features.

Whether or not you are looking for someone quick and easy to date, Zoosk is great for seniors looking to meet Canadian singles.

Once you set a preference for age, you will be presented with a matched database of users near your age range.

The app is user-friendly and works on both iOS or android.

The app is great for seniors who are looking for a match, just sign up, and search for matches near your age on Zoosk.


Zoosk Seniors is a site that you can advertise with if you are a senior citizen or a senior. All they ask for is a photo of your driver’s license or other ID and you can join the site for free.

They offer senior discounts and Senior Dating.

They provide service in a lot of different areas. They have senior discounts for many different services that include:

  • newsletters
  • online dating
  • yoga classes
  • charity fundraisers
  • Cooking classes

Their Senior Singles dating site has reviews by some of their users that say it is a very reliable and fun site.

Are there any other alternatives to Zoosk?

Yes, there are other online dating sites, some of which are better suited for people who are looking for the other half of their life.

For one, Zoosk is not open to persons who are similarly aged, because they have removed the verification process for senior members.

There is also FriendFinder-X, which I find to be a better website in general, as they operate under a similar system. However, they are better suited for people of 30 and up.

There are other social media websites as well, such as Formspring and Facebook where they can be used to network.

All of these alternatives are either free or are much less expensive than Zoosk and offer similar mobile apps.

Another free social network in this area is Ning.

If the person you are dating does not want to use Zoosk, then you might not want to, either.

Of course, to test the waters, it might be a good idea to visit and explore options.




Planning for a happy retirement can be an overwhelming task. As a senior, you are probably concerned with saving for retirement and passing on your savings, insurance needs, legacy, and so on.

All of us tend to focus on the physical aspects of retirement. The unfortunate part of the challenge of senior happiness is that there is so little focus on the emotional and relational needs of seniors and our desire to connect and be met.

Plenty of seniors are closed off and alone in their desire to connect and feel connected. How can you care for your emotional and relational needs when you don’t meet emotional needs for yourself?

How about one simple tool to help you open the door to finding your friendship? Zoosk Seniors has a vast network of leaders in senior communities, activities, and other resources.

Tell us what you are looking for. Are you looking for a longterm partner to share a life with? Is a friendship important? Do you want to share your hobby with someone?

We will help you find just the right friend, activity, or community to help you find the companionship you seek.


More information on Zoosk:

To connect with eligible singles, Zoosk provides a company intranet site, as well as Alumni groups, which have existed since 2007.

By maintaining these groups, Zoosk can recruit members from their previous ranks. Being part of the same alumni groups will create a sense of peer pressure among new intakes and assist in the process of onboarding new members.

The online dating platform also has Support Groups. These are groups of members who assist with issues related to one particular subject, such as tips and tricks, First Dates, and Reminders.

The last function that Zoosk offers in this recruitment process is a mobile app. The app is a simple portal, which will be open to registered customers, and will be used to provide up-to-date information. With a simple yes or no response, these members can view previously visited chat windows, play a dating game at the end, or join a community of fellow dating enthusiasts.