Zoosk vs eHarmony: Which is the better dating site to find true love?

Luca Vaccino
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I used to be convinced that eHarmony was the best website to meet your future partner. More than half of the people I know used it to find their love.

After writing this article, I had a different opinion. I switched from eHarmony to Zoosk and found the right person in three dates.

Here is why Zoook is better than eHarmony.

More information on Zoosk:

The main purpose of eHarmony is to help connect people that are compatible. Both contact information in new profiles need to be at least 80% accurate.

Profiles of verified Zoosk members vary in accuracy. A few incorrect data points make the difference between people being a 70% match and a 60% match.

This makes Zoosk a better choice for people who are attracted to people they already know or people that they see in their day-to-day lives.

If you think that this is not the case, it could be because your current dating methods are sending you out on a limb that are not compatible with those on the other person.

Using eHarmony helps you get a better feel for the person you are approaching, and it will allow you to engage in conversation with people so you can get to know them better.

The real world experience gives you a much better understanding of who they are and their likes and dislikes.

Zoosk profiles are not populated by people that have the same interests as you, and the conversations are sometimes limited through A.I. coding.

In terms of generic compatibility, the two dating sites are about even. As for your added individual compatibility, there are compatibility factors that you want to consider that can help you further improve your chances of a successful match.